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Bullet case headphones
Written by David Allen   
Monday, 08 November 2010 07:00

Authors: David Allen

Bullet case headphonesHere is a novel way to listen to music, these headphone are actually made from used bullet cases, which if you think about it are the right shape and size for the job! These cases have been polished and one version has even been plated with 18k gold.

What a brilliant use of something so lethal from the maker

These are features and specs for the SITi (standard issue titanium) line of earphones;

In another earphone first, MUNITIO has pioneered the use of extreme industrial grade coatings for the SITi (standard issue titanium) line of earphones.  No other earphone on the planet has ever attempted to integrate this specialized technology into its products because no other earphone is made the way MUNITIO nines are.  Used by NASA in high performance applications titanium coatings have unmatched durability and safety.

Prices start at $159

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