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1.2 kA motor driver circuit based on the PIC16F877
Written by Dangerus Prototypes   
Saturday, 06 August 2011 02:14

Authors: Dangerous Prototypes

rsdio writes: This thing puts out so much torque that it has to be run at 3/4 power to avoid slipping the clutch!

Features: Programmable current limit 100-1200 motor amps, automatic over-temperature current limit cut-back, water-cooled copper heat sink, low-loss IGBT modules, and motor overspeed limit.

Processor: Microchip PIC 16F877 This small yet powerful microcontroller runs at 5 MIPS and 20MHz with 8kb of onboard program FLASH memory. It also has two onboard 10-bit PWM generators, eight 10-bit ADC channels, and a UART interface.

Via the Dangerous Prototypes forum.

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