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DIY PC Ambilight
Written by Hacked Gadgets   
Thursday, 15 September 2011 00:00

Authors: Hacked Gadgets


If you love the look of the Philips Ambilight system but would like to build your own? Have a look at this DIY Ambilight system that Instructables user Yonsje built. The biggest limitation it has is that it is for use with your computer and not a TV. These days this might not be much of a limitation though since many of us watch most of their video content on a computer system anyway, as I type this I am watching Security Now on a computer monitor to my right.

Thanks for sending this in Yonsj.

You will need:
- An arduino
- 3x 2k2 resistors
- 3x an NPN transistor, capable of switching 12Volts (I will be using a 2SD1062)
- A 12Volt adapter (wall wart)
- A barrel jack
- A 12Volt RGB (common anode) LED Strip (I will be using this one)
- Header pins
- Some prototyping board (I will be using some perfboard)

DIY PC Ambilight



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