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LCD Special – Two Ways to Interface a MSP430 to an LCD.
Written by gerry   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 00:00

What’s a project without a display, you say? – Here are two simple techniques to interface your MSP430 to an LCD.

1. Using an I2C Expander

[C]de, from our forums, who was busy working on the I2C protocolfor the MSP430 to port expander interface, managed to control a 2*16 LCD in 4-bit mode.image

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 21:31
PIC based Diode and Transistor Tester
Written by admin   
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 12:10

If your digital multimeter does not have a feature to test diodes and transistors, you can construct one for yourself. This project uses a PIC microcontroller for testing diodes and BJTs. The test results are displayed on a character LCD. The results include if the transistor or diode is good or bad, the type of the transistor (PNP or NPN), and the status of the individual PN junctions.

PIC based Diode and Transistor Tester - [Link]


Last Updated on Thursday, 11 November 2010 20:29
My own Robotic arm
Written by jjshortcut   
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 00:00

Because I always wanted my own robotic arm I bought one 2 years ago, it was a kit of Velleman a KSR10 the goal was to make it automated so I could control if from my computer. To do this I had to make a H-bridge driver board, which I could control via the parallel port. I made a board that could satisfy these needs but it did not work. So after a while the project was out of my vision. Then about a half a year ago I saw this usb control kit which was made for the KSR10 robotic arm and with that kit the problem was solved. I bought the kit and plugged it in, but after a little time playing with it I found out that the programming software did not satisfy my needs. It was controlled by the time one of the motors was on so if you change the direction in which you where traveling it missed its position because of the gears and their  backlash and that made the whole programming useless. So I only did play like 1 day with it and the fun of it was gone...

This was for me a motivation to build a robotic arm that was powered by servo’s which does not lose any steps. At my school there where some Lynx 6 robotic arms, and I decided to build a better one with some other friends from school. The first step was to measure the arms at school and make a raw drawing of it with some modification. Then because the project did not go fast enough for me, I did mill one from 4mm hardboard on my homemade cnc machine, for testing and just to have it already. It came out quite well and it does work properly. It is not finished totally, it misses the gripper but here are some pictures, and a little video. Also there is a total drawing in DXF format, but I did not draw a gripper for it yet and there are some small differences at the design to make it all work better. For Solidworks drawings, ask me.

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Thought-Controlled Computers Progressing
Written by   
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 00:00



Researchers at CMU and Intel are attempting to map and understand human brain activity well enough that individual words can be detected. Currently, giant MRI machines are being used but the future holds smaller devices that can be worn like a helmet according to Dean Pomerleau, senior researcher at Intel. The efficiency and productivity of word detection will be superior to existing technology that allows an operator to simply control a cursor. This technology will no doubt make its way into robotic telepresence applications including remote surgery and construction in dangerous environments such as the ocean and space.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 November 2010 13:22
Cheap Fat and Open Revised
Written by   
Monday, 08 November 2010 03:57


As you can read up from [jacob sikker]‘s thesis blog, Cheap Fat and Open project is being revised and updated.

new edition has bugs fixed from 1st version, larger screen (16

Last Updated on Monday, 08 November 2010 13:43
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