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Nuntius: the Garden Avenger robot
Written by Dangerus Prototypes   
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

Authors: Dangerus Prototypes

garden advenger

In this video Trossen Robotics debuts their Garden Avenger Robot.

David Dorhout, the bots developer writes:

A couple of years ago I first saw one of those self contained game systems that consist of just the joystick and the AV wires that you plug into your TV. I was simply amazed at the simplicity and brilliance of the concept. You just plug it in and play.

Nuntius is based on the same basic concept of those systems except it’s a robot. The controller it a biomechanical input device that consists of a propeller proto board that measures the position of a 6 axis “mini arm” that you articulate with your hand just like you would if you were actually there. The propeller then send the data via a XBEE to the robot.

The BOM includes 2 Propeller proto boards,
1 Propeller proto board enclosure, 2 XBees, 1 Parallax Wheel Kit, 2 Parallax HB-25 Motor Controllers, Servos and Servo Brackets from Lynxmotion and a wireless camera. No link to code or schematic was provided.

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