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Full and Half Stepper Motor Controller with the Sanyo STK672-110
Written by admin   
Monday, 28 February 2011 00:00

Authors: admin

This project is a full and half wave stepper motor controller based on Sanyo STK672-110. A switch controls the rotation direction of the motor and pulses input on pin 9 is required to make the motor run. Also there is a pin for selecting the mode as full or half step. Chech schematic on the link below.

Full and Half Stepper Motor Controller with the Sanyo STK672-110 –[Link

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Oobject List Sampler
Written by   
Friday, 25 February 2011 00:00



The creative collectors of interesting lists over at Oobject continue to work their magic. Their lists of the bizarre and funny can easily consume countless hours of an otherwise productive day. Here's a sampling of entries to soothe a typical robot enthusiast's appetite for inspiration and giggles: Wall Climbing Robots, Exoskeletons, Toy Robot Commercials, Cyborg Technologies, B Movie Robots, Robotic Car Garages, Self-Assembling Machines, Sewer Robots, Mechanical Animals, Cardboard Robot Costumes.

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X-RHex: RHex Gets An Upgrade
Written by Evan Ackerman   
Friday, 25 February 2011 00:00

Authors: Evan Ackerman

It looks like that desert testing we wrote about in May of last year has paid off, and UPenn’s KodLab has developed a new version of their RHex wheeled/legged robot called X-RHex. X-RHex is about the same size and weight as RHex, but it’s stronger, more durable, and has as longer run time of up to two hours. It’s also got a couple mil-spec rails mounted on top along with standardized electrical connections, which could be just for convenience or could be because X-RHex has a probable military future, or both.

X-RHex doesn’t seem as capable of the speeds exhibited by other leg/wheel hybrid robots such as Whegs, but its strength is in its adaptability and the way it can make it through basically any sort of terrain, even things that would challenge conventional wheeled or tracked robots.


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Pet Laser Dazer
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 24 February 2011 00:00

Authors: Matt


Screwing with pets is fun. They are furry and cute but despite what your ex-girlfriend used to go on and on and on about, they really aren’t that smart.  Case in point is the laser game where any seemingly sane cat or dog can be sent into a frenzy over a quickly moving dot of light. Endless fun can be had watching their minds break as they hopelessly chase something they cannot physically grab. This is why humans rule the earth. We should stop showing our children movies where animals talk and are smart, because we are just setting them up for disappointment.

The pet Laser Dazer is a fun project that can be done with the Vision Tracking Starter Kit or the Desktop RoboTurret (need to pick up the laser separate.) The concept is simple, take the age old game of “catch the laser dot” and add robots to the mix! It even works with kids. Watch the end of the video to see Andrew’s daughter throw herself against the wall in excitement. See, robots ARE fun people.

Laser Dazer Demo App can be found here.


Pet Laser Dazer

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Meet Oberon, the wheelchair explorer bot
Written by PCB Heaven RSS Feed   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 00:00

Authors: PCB Heaven RSS Feed

image Here is Oberon, a video controlled long range robotic avatar made by Brad from lucidscience. The bot is an old design, and one of the very...

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