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Simple GPS display using Attiny2313
Written by the machinegeek   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 00:00

Authors: the machinegeek

In his project, Binu from interfaces a ProGin SR-87 GPS module with an ATtiny2313 and 2×16 LCD to generate a running lat/long display. The device also will store one static location, and produce an audible alert each time that location is reached. (More locations could be provided for in code, but the project assumes the use of the demo version of BASCOM.)

This project also allows for the naming of the stored waypoint by entering up to 16 characters on a PC-AT Keyboard attached to the mini-din connector. (For those unfamiliar, the “10K SIP” in the schematic refers to a 10K bussed resistor.)

Source code in BASCOM along with a hex file is provided.

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